10" x 10" Designer Trivet Detail

Environmental Responsibility

At Crystalla Glass, we take our environmental impact seriously. Because we understand that the health of our business is connected to the health of our planet, we carefully consider the impact of our daily operations at every turn. Responsive and responsible, we continually set challenging goals to increase efficiencies, reduce waste, and help ensure that the earth’s future is clean and safe.



Crystalla’s studio, Stonewood, has been environmentally friendly right from the start. It was custom built over thirty years ago from locally salvaged lumber.

Stonewood has been carefully maintained and now has a special radiant heat barrier to reduce summer heat absorption. During the winter months, we utilize waste-heat from our production process and depend on the thermal mass of our stone floors to maintain steady temperatures.

To decrease our energy consumption in 2012, we modified our infrastructure from always-on-energy usage to a selective system, when and where we need it. Future energy goals include a passive solar heating system and passive lighting. 

We also believe in giving back. To continually offset our carbon footprint, we plant rows of evergreens every year. We also offer a Carbon Neutral Shipping option where our customers may choose to offset the carbon footprint of their package by planting ten pine trees through the National Forest Foundation.



We continually examine our supply chain to source materials that support our local community. Our glass is produced nearby and our metal supplier is just a short delivery away.

Partnering with like-minded businesses extends our environmental concern. Our aluminum producer, for example, operates its own hydroelectric power plant and is the industry leader in setting recycled content goals.

Also, we use durable powder coating as a finish on our bases because it is Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free.


Product Design

We recognize that shipping contemporary furniture is a strain on our environment.  FedEx reported that in 2011 its total carbon emissions were 15.8 million metric tons. Two factors that have a tremendous impact on carbon emissions per package are package size (space it takes up in the shipping vehicle) and weight. Each of our designs must meet our stringent shipping standards and sustainability goals. Because of those, your Crystalla furniture is well connected to the earth.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us via the customer service contact form.


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