Crystalla Glass Terms and Conditions of Use


Payment Policies


Retail orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering through one of the secure payment methods.


Wholesale orders must be paid in full prior to shipment; partial payments will not be accepted. Wholesale orders may be paid in full at the time of placing an order through one of the secure payment methods.


We offer net-term agreements upon completion of our Credit Application; this service is reserved for established Crystalla Wholesale Purchasers of 12 months.


Retail Policies


Though we maintain a just-in-time supply chain, we cannot be held to delivery date expectations if a wholesale purchaser pre-sells our products


Crystalla Glass reserves the right to act as a retail seller of its own products and reserves the right to maintain and change Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing [MSRP] at any time. Crystalla Glass reserves the right to independently recommend a MSRP, gather information pertaining to retail sales policies of competing Crystalla Wholesale Purchasers, and accept or deny the business of a Crystalla Wholesale Purchaser based on historical data.


Crystalla Wholesale Purchasers maintain the right to independently set their own retail prices but horizontal pricing policies will result in loss of wholesale purchaser status.


Crystalla Glass reserves the right to refuse and/or limit sales.


 Order Cancelation and Changes


Customers may cancel their order for any reason anytime before or after the date of payment but only before the date of shipment. An order cancelation fee may be applied depending on the status of production. To cancel an order, customers must contact Crystalla Glass through the Crystalla Shopping Portal before date of shipment.


Changes to orders are handled on a case-by-case basis but may result in a fee that is dependent on the state of production.


Returning Damaged / Defective Items


Crystalla products may be exchanged or refunded within 5 days of the delivery date and only in the case of shipping damage or defect. Damaged or defective products will be refunded, exchanged, or replaced free of charge, depending on customer preference. If the damage or defect cannot be verified over the phone, through photographs, or via email, the item may need to be returned to Crystalla Glass for inspection before a determination is made as to the state of the product.


To return your item, see the below instructions on how to request a Return Merchandise Authorization.


Refunds or exchanges for reasons other than damage or defect are not accepted, but each is handled on a case-by-case basis and all returns are subject to Crystalla Glass’ approval prior to returning. Contact Crystalla Glass Customer Service for specific concerns or questions. Returns received in non-Crystalla shipping containers may be denied.


What the Return Process Usually Entails


1. Request an RMA (see below)

2. Receive response from Crystalla Glass and submit any additional details that may be requested, such as a photograph or description.

3. Once your RMA is approved, print your order’s Return Slip, which is found in the My Merchandise Returns tab of your account and include this in your package.

4. Write the RMA number conspicuously on the outside of the package to ensure proper routing.

5. Ship the package to:*


Crystalla Glass

7838 Lykins Dr.

Columbus, IN 47201



*In the case of damaged items, we will provide a prepaid shipping label (see below).


You will be notified when your return is received at our facilities with an indication as to what will follow.

      • If you have requested a refund, be advised that returning funds usually take 7-21 days to appear in the account used to make the purchase (depending on the processing speed of the bank that issued the funds).


      • If you have requested an account credit, be advised that returning funds usually take 48 hours to appear in your Crystalla account. This credit, once available, may be used to make a purchase on the Crystalla Shopping Portal.


      • If you have requested an exchange of a different size or design, an email will be sent letting you know the details and adjusted cost. Production will not begin until adjusted cost is processed.


How to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)


You must make this request within 5 days of receiving the shipment:


1. Sign onto your Crystalla Shopping Portal account


2. Go to: My Orders


3. Click on the Order Number that you would like to return; this will expand below and show the details for this order.


4. Mark only the product that you would like to return by “clicking” to place a checkmark beside the item.


5. At the bottom, there is a Merchandise Return text field where you may request an RMA form. Be sure to specify the reason for the return.


6. Click on the “Make a RMA Slip” button.


You will be able to check the status of your RMA in the My Merchandise Returns tab of your account. You will receive an email with further instructions as well as updates as to the status of your RMA.


Who covers the return shipping cost?


Crystalla Glass will provide a prepaid return-shipping label in cases where items have arrived in damaged condition or are confirmed by a Crystalla Glass representative to be defective. A shipping courier will be scheduled to pickup the package, apply the prepaid label, and return it to Crystalla Glass.


For all other cases, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Under no circumstance does Crystalla Glass reimburse (or provide credit) for return shipping costs incurred by the customer. If a product is damaged or defective, the recipient must make arrangements with Crystalla Glass Customer Support as to how the return should be handled prior to placing the items back in transit to Crystalla Glass.


Custom Products


Crystalla Glass is not responsible for the use of Crystalla Glass tabletops and other products on non-Crystalla bases or the custom installation/alteration of Crystalla Glass’ products. Crystalla Glass is not responsible for the use of Crystalla Glass bases with non-Crystalla tables and surfaces, except for custom design and installation by Crystalla Glass.


The end user of a custom product must endorse all custom design attributes before production will begin [using the supplied Design Production Agreement Form]; the end user accepts design responsibility for design attributes other than the mechanical properties of the base, glass, and rubber bumpers, such as, but not limited to: color, texture, visual elements, fitness, overall design, etc., as defined in the Design Production Agreement Form.Crystalla will provide sample services for the communication of design ideas and concepts to retail customers and Crystalla Wholesale Purchasers and their clients, when necessary, and before such clients are required to endorse the Design Production Agreement Form.


Crystalla Glass controls the rights to all designs that Crystalla Glass designers must recreate through the production process. 



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